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My child is frustrated, refusing to go to school, and developed anxiety induced IBS. I can understand the frustration and anxiety. Maybe you can do the same. I do know that homeschooling was very beneficial for my child with APD, as it allowed us to control noise and the one-on-one instruction allowed him to be able to be close to the teacher and ask me to repeat as much a necessary for him to understand. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I hope you can find a way to help your child grow comfortable with learning. Thank you so much for making this accessible to everyone.

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These are some great activities I hope to implement with my kids. My son is struggling in school. Especially with writing directions.

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  6. But the demand is more now. How can I help him?

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    Katherine, How old is your son? Can you give me an example of the directions he is having trouble writing? What other things is he struggling with? Without knowing more information it is difficult to offer advice to help you help your son. However, speaking with his teacher or teachers or having him speak to them and explain his difficulties may be a great first step. Most teachers, when they discover that a motivated student is having difficulties with oral instruction will take steps to change how directions are given such as writing them on the board or even emailing them out.

    Even if I emphasize the sound or not. I have brought him to get language tutoring since he was 4 and nothing has helped. He had a hearing test and passed.

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    5. How frustrating for you both! It not, consider having him evaluated for it. Voiced means that the sound includes the vibration of the vocal cords and unvoiced means the sound is produced without the vocal cords. Learning to Pronounce for Spelling can help with that as well. Not one Doctor nor Behavioral child psychologists she was referred to for diagnoses figured that out. Gave her prescription meds! Made things worse. If your child hears fine, they can still have CAPD.

      If what they hear gets distorted, especially in noisy environments. You could say Coat, child heard Goat.

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      Hand, Plan. It has nothing to do with their intelligence. In fact most are very smart and do well with computer technology. They prefer online games to reading or handwriting. I would love to know how you recommend the blending of the phonomes. Just the first and second letter or just try simple 3 letter words? It explains the Blending Procedure in detail and includes a download so you can have it on hand while you work on sounding words out. We recommend having the student say the sound of each letter, then go back and blend the first two letters before attempting to blend all three.

      This cumulative blending provides the extra support that new readers often need. Phonological awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate the individual sounds of language, such as being able to hear what the first or last sound of a word is when the word is spoken normally. Many children will develop phonological awareness skills on their own, but other children need to be explicitly taught how to hear and manipulate the sounds. Phonological awareness is also a major part of our Pre-Reading curriculum. If your child does well with the phonological awareness portion of the AAR 1 placement test, then try this:.

      Model the blending procedure for your child, going through the entire thing while he or she watches. Be sure to stress the cumulative blending, when you blend the first two sounds before adding the third. Then, after you go through the entire procedure with your child watching, have him or her try it with the exact same word. Once your child can do it with the same word fairly easily, try changing just the last letter and see if he or she can do it.

      If not, model it completely for your child and then have him or her do it. Your child may need you to model the blending procedure for every word for several days in a row before there is some success. If your child cannot get it on any given day, go back to a word you have already done, model it again, and then have him or her do it. That way you are ending on a little success. I hope this helps, but please let me know how it goes or if you need anything further.

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      I am a dyslexic mom teaching my two girls. Teaching them to read was always a concern of mine. I can remember facing these problems and teaching it just made me nervous. I just started using this program and so far it seems like it really helps the teacher address these problems and prevents the majority from coming up. Brittany, It can be concerning to teach a subject that you yourself struggled with; I understand. All About Reading and All About Spelling lessons are laid out in an orderly form and with a clear script to make it as effective for the teacher as it is for the student.

      However, if you have any questions or concerns about anything, contact us. Rosie, Testing for Auditory Processing Disorder is done by audiologists. Your regular doctor can refer you to an audiologist for the testing. Hi, I am from Malaysia, my daughter Naomi Shalom 10yrs of age has been diagnosed by the Brain Lab that she has Auditory Processing, as she is 3yrs backward. I am totally lost. Pls advise. Thank you. It may be best to go back to the most foundational skills and evaluate your daughter there. If she struggles with the basic Reading Readiness Skills , then it is no surprise why she struggles with reading.

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      Phonological Awaress in very often the one reading readiness skill that students with Auditory Processing Disorder struggle with more than any other. She may need to be taught these skills slowly, with lots of review, in order to be ready to succeed with reading. Once your daughter has the foundational skills mastered, begin reading instruction focused on Phonograms and Sounding Words Out.

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      Avoid asking her to memorize lots of so-called sight words, as this can lead to the Word Guessing Habit. All About Reading does all of this and takes the struggle out of learning to read and makes teaching easy. Here are some ways that All About Reading can help students with learning difficulties:. AAR breaks every teaching down into its most basic steps and then teaches the lessons in a logical order, carrying the students from one concept or skill to the next.