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You could head out to the beach with your 7-foot-long baitcasting rig and start trying to cast a sinker rig out beyond the waves. Unlike the 6- to 8-foot-long rods used by most anglers fishing from boats or in freshwater, surf rods are usually between 9 and 15 feet in length. Select a rod with a medium-heavy power and a medium action, which will work well in most circumstances. Just pick a high-capacity saltwater spinning reel. Some shore fishers prefer baitcasting reels , but beginners will be wise to stick to spinning gear at the outset.

A shock leader is used to help absorb the stress that heavy weights and long casts can place on the line. Shock leaders are typically made from low-stretch monofilament, and they are available in a wide variety of diameters.

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This new edition of The Complete Book of Saltwater Fishing has been revised and updated from the original publication with current trends in tackle, technique, and conservation. Here is a thorough guide to fishing for sharks on all saltwater coasts.

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Veteran fisherman Milt Rosko details habits of all major gamefish shark species, including mako, hammerhead, sand, tiger, white, blue, and more. Tackle, technique, baits and lures, even fly-fishing for sharks are all covered in full detail. Responsible angling for this sometimes-threatened species is stressed throughout. Bucktail jigs are often called the world's most versatile lures because they'll catch almost any fish and work under most conditions.

In what is unquestionably the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject, John Skinner, expert angler and fishing writer, brings the reader along on an in-depth look at bucktail techniques and strategies from surf, boat, and kayak. This book is a must read for all anglers who want to take their fishing to the next level.

Some of the best surfcasting in the world happens not on a beach, but along the banks of the uniquely positioned Cape Cod Canal. Seven miles long and feet wide, the Cape Cod Canal, connecting Buzzard's Bay to the south and west and Cape Cod Bay to the north and east, offers the striped bass fisherman unparalleled opportunities - a fishery unlike any to be found, on any coast.

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The paths to successful fishing in this unique environment are fully explained in Fishing The Cape Cod Canal. One key to fishing the Canal is knowing the tides and how they will affect the fishery. Another is understanding the migration patterns of the striped bass. A third is perceiving how adaptations in traditional fishing tackle - rods, reels, and line - must be made.

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Yet another is developing awareness of which lures catch fish, and how those lures are best manipulated. All these issues, and more, are fully explored in this exceptional book. Fishing The Cape Cod Canal will get any surfcaster, from seasoned pro to brand-new angler, up and running and catching fish.

This book is a thorough guide from a seasoned pro to fishing these waters. The book offers in depth tips and techniques, as well as identifying the hot spots and even includes directions to them.

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A great reference book for your fishing library. Here is a complete, fully illustrated guide to the most versatile and effective saltwater lures ever devised - diamond jigs and bucktails. Expert angler Tom Migdalski details methods for catching striped bass, bluefish, cod, pollock, grouper, yellowtail, salmon, tuna and many other gamefish. He also describes what tackle to use and how to rig and fish the wide array of diamond jigs and bucktails available to the boat-based saltwater angler.

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Any boat fisherman on the East, South, or West coasts will find this book indispensable. Whether you fish from a boat or shore, Fishing Long Island Sound is the best way to better the odds for a successful outing on this special body of water. The coastal waters of Massachusetts and Cape Cod offer some of the finest saltwater fishing in the United States, attracting legions of anglers in pursuit of striped bass, bluefish, fluke and other species.

Author John Gribb details many techniques and strategies in this thorough guide to fishing these storied waters, including insider tips on where to fish and how to get there. Whether you call them fluke or flounder, they're challenging, fun to catch, and among the best eating fish that inhabit the waters along the East Coast and Gulf States.

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From the beach and bays to the ocean depths, fishing writer and videographer John Skinner takes the reader along in pursuit of these fish from boat, shore, and kayak. Chapters on gear, rigs, and presentation will get novices up to speed, as well as help seasoned anglers take their fishing to the next level. A must read for all anglers! A complete guide to catching this prized saltwater game fish.

This book covers tackle, technique, baits and lures for catching fluke in bays, from boats, and in the surf. Zeno Hromin is a veteran surfcaster whose love of the surf had humble beginnings. From his days as a child hand lining off the coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea, to traveling the East Coast today looking to tangle with big feisty stripers, Zeno has shared his experiences on the Internet and in print.

He is very conservation minded and releases almost all of his fish each season. Another must have book to add to your collection of his writings. Fueled by a paddle, Kayak Fishing is one of the fastest growing segments of boating and fishing today. Florida Sportsman Editor Jeff Weakley traveled well beyond his local home waters of Florida to research the latest rigging and manufacturing techniques for this book and DVD.

His formidable bass-catching credentials and expansive institutional memory have in no way diminished his ability to write about our foremost fish with genuine humility, humor, and conviction, as well as an unparalleled sense of storytelling. You should buy this book.

Fifty ocean hot spots off the New Jersey coast are the focus of this detailed guide for the boating angler. Some prime ocean-fishing opportunities for striped bass, fluke, cod sharks, tuna and many other species. Learn how to rig trolling baits like the pros do, with different methods to fit different situations. Find the most productive offshore trolling areas. Tease marlin to the hook.

Apply the tactics and techniques detailed by blue water fishing pro John Unkart, and your catch rate is bound to grow exponentially. Whether you're after billfish, mahi-mahi, wahoo or tuna, you'll gain the hard-earned insight and knowledge Unkart has accumulated through more than 40 years of offshore experience. Drawing on almost a century of combined saltwater fishing experience, the authors reveal the hard-earned techniques and tactics that will make any northeast angler more successful from the boat, beach, or jetty, with spinning or conventional gear, and the fly rod.

The first book about night surf fishing, and only book devoted exclusively to night surf fishing, is available again with this updated edition that includes new information, new photos, and discussions about new fishing products. Valuable night surf fishing information from the original edition is also included in the new book, such as Al Bentsen's chapters on rigging and using rigged eels, Fred Golofaro's chapter on how to fish with live eels, and Roger Martin's insight into how to handle night surf fishing safely.

Author William "Doc" Muller has added lots of updated chapters. Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night also includes great information about bait fishing, how to present large and small artificial lures, and fishing patterns that can guide an angler to more consistent catches. Relive a colorful account of one man's quest in the pursuit of striped bass while surfcasting along the rocky banks of the world famous Cape Cod Canal. Included are personal stories, humorous anecdotes and breath taking photographs by highly acclaimed and widely renowned photographer John Doble. Enjoy detailed fishing strategies and in depth interviews with some of the legendary anglers who have contributed to making the Canal a well-known surfcaster's paradise.

See why people travel a great distance not only to fish, but to walk, run and ride bikes down the service roads bordering the powerful currents of the storied Cape Cod Canal. Stemming The Tide is a collection of stories about the life and times of a young boy who lost his dad at an early age and was thrusted into the role of man of the house. His relationships with old salts at the boat house near his home provided a one of a kind education that fueled his ambitions and passion for saltwater fishing and shaped the author into the man he is today.

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The award-winning author, lecturer, and fishing guide went on to become a full-time journalist who has been writing for publications along the striper coast since I learn something new in it after referring to it after each outing. A small book of only pages, but filled with more information than any other "complete" guides I've read. I'm now catching fish frequently and not missing the lawn chair one bit!

By, Albert E. This type of fishing has been around for a while but Varney has it down to a science. You can fish this way along the entire west coast including Baja and catch fish. Be sure to fish the jetties and breakwaters the same way. By, Frederick B. Great insight from a local surf fisherman.

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Informative and detailed information for targeting southern California surf fish, and he devolved some of his favorite fishing spots I have not yet had the chance to try a lot of the techniques discussed in this book in their intended region California and Oregon principally but I found the book to be very practical in a lot of ways. I enjoy light tackle saltwater fishing on the Arabian Sea where I'm currently working and I found the advice in this book to be practical and useful though some of it is only applicable to the location for which it is intended such as how to harvest particular local baits.

By, Robert O. Had to read it before I hit the waves for some surf fishing. And it worked first cast I pulled in a barred surf perch. Worth the purchase!!!!! I read this whole book in one day. This book contains a lot of valuable information and a must for surf fishers.