Cooked? The Homosexualization of the Entire American Culture

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As the official blog of the Society of US Intellectual History, we hope to foster a diverse community of scholars and readers who engage with one another in discussions of US intellectual history, broadly understood. One of my larger arguments is that left-right battles get reworked in new culture wars language, but that these traditional antagonisms remain as underlying features. How do these firsts enter into the discourse about women and gender? Good question. But I will now.

So thanks. I recommend that you include in your chapter on abortion, if you have not already, some thought related to Griswold v. Connecticut, which is one of the precursor cases that made Roe possible. I deal with Roe v. Wade and the immediate consequences of it in an earlier chapter on the political emergence of the Christian Right. It might have made sense to bring Griswold into that history, but I can only do justice to so many topics in a ,word book on the culture wars. This list looks great. My only suggestion would be to really focus on law—so much culture wars stuff overlaps with the first two generations of women law professors.

Law schools were the intellectual hothouses. Interesting point, Kurt. Which women law professors do you recommend for this chapter? Great stuff! Kurt: do you know what has been done on that Indy law? Or on the the collaboration between conservative politicians and anti-porn feminists? Seeing Buckley agree with Dworkin was a trip in some ways, although he was clear to make some distinctions. She is working now on a book on the rise of porn culture, anti-porn feminism, and the Reagan administration, I think.

Enjoli: For the 24 Hour…Woman.

  • Edited by Anthony Shay and Barbara Sellers-Young.
  • Sexual Crimes in Conflict Database;
  • Bullying, Communizing & Homosexualizing Catholic Clerics!
  • Mistress: At What Price? (Mills & Boon Modern Heat)!

Navratilova and how Martina was often marginalized for her athletic build. Thanks, Tom. Both topics McGovern campaign, Moynihan Report are dealt with at length in different chapters. OMG Mark! But what a fantastic comparison. I mean, the only hint of sex in the Ripa commercial is the fact that she has children.

Bullying, Communizing & Homosexualizing Catholic Clerics

The only part of the culture wars, I think, that I observed personally, was the introduction of texts by women into the canon and core courses, which was only happening in my last year or two of college Rush Limbaugh is right about Al Franken not really quitting the Senate. He didn't resign. He said he would resign within the next few weeks. Like, maybe, after the Alabama special election. Then, maybe; unless he doesn't. My money is on Franken not quitting.

Unconstitutional Authoritarian Impositional "Rights".

Project MUSE - "Heroic Spiritual Grandfather": Whitman, Sexuality, and the American Left,

Catholic Priests. On the lies and disinformation put forth as truth by all of our Organized Deep State Liars. The mighty come down hard when they fall. All the Ungodly Heroes of the Ungodly Left are now falling like lightning, one after another. Cat Fights over Leadership of Unconstitutional Bureaucracies.

If what a bureau does is not even listed in Article One Section Eight, and it is thus out-of-scope for the government to even address, then, why does it even exist? Who'da thunk it?

American Quarterly

Anti-racism racism, anti-sexism sexism, anti-taxing taxes, etc. We are now ruled by anti-discrimination discrimination, anti-spending spending, and, we may as well face it: anti-reality reality. Stupidity Rising: As the political pot boils, Elite Stupidity rises to the top. America is either a distinct Christian Nation, or she is not. Destroy either distinction, and America is no more. All Institutions have crumbled under the assault of the anti-institution sentiment, which is driven by the Globalist-funded, Alinsky-Organized, Cultural Marxism Movement.

On the diabolically clever playing of Word Games, aimed at frightening, tricking and fooling the world's populations into joining the Globalist International Communist Movement. I see it; I recognize it for what it is; but I don't understand the Why of it. But, Why? Unpunished misbehavior feeds, breeds and multiplies more such misbehavior.

Burning and Desecrating American flags is not new; it's old. That's why it's growing. There is nothing new under the sun. The Blessing of Age: It is good to not be young today. I give thanks for the blessing of age every time I look at the young, and see their aimlessness, pointlessness, purposelessness, and unjustified general anger.

Americans react to impeachment inquiry

All of Marxist Economics is just stupid. Not just wrong, but stupidly wrong. Clearly, Marxists never learned simple arithmetic in grade school. Simple Tax Facts blow the need for any income tax out of the water.

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  6. From the "How ya gonna pay for it? What, exactly, is Christian Civilization? And is Western Civilization still Christian, and precisely what does that mean, to be Christian? Restoring our American Identity. With the election of President Trump, the Jig is Up , and we are recognizing and coming back to our own unique Christian American Identity.

    But do we recognize our enemies among us? Noblis Oblige: To be recognized as Noble, one must actually be Noble. The French "Noblis Oblige" carries the obligation of Nobility into all aspects of the living of a life. If one would be seen as Noble, then one must put Nobility into action. Universal Inclusiveness - the Kumbaya Time Bomb - is a dirty trick that benefits only the Ruthless Conquerors who intend to capitalize on the resulting inevitable Chaos and Divisiveness. As Catholic Clerical Faggotry eats away at the Church from the inside , "Cultural Marxism" works to destroy decency and cohesiveness in all of Western Civilization, from the inside.

    Sex and Gender in the Culture Wars

    Lord, help our return to Simple Common Sense. American Resistance would counter our Multiculture and return to identifiable American Culture. The deepest members of the Deep State "Investigate" and cover up each other's deep treason. In Leftist-Elite Circles, Evil is the popular and in-thing to be. Elite, Self Identifying Evil has always yearned to go public. With Truth Rising, the Lies scream louder, like desperate cornered rats. Institutionalizing Social Instability. How the Left busily blesses evil, curses good, systematically breaks down all established institutions, and institutionalizes social instability.

    Trumpism: Pro-Capitalist, Populist-Nationalism. Trump's America is in Deep Doo Doo. All the evil tentacles of Cultural Marxism are strangling truth, knowledge, morality, faith and reason, while Deep State Spies attack Trump Himself. Leftist Hatred doesn't merely defeat opposition, but seeks to harm them, even destroy them, and, yes, even murder them. So, Stephen Paddock displayed no religious views and no political views and no "movement" or "cause" affiliations. Why is that, in and of itself, not seen as socially problematic?

    The Filial Correction was written July 21 and delivered August 11, It is the first step in the Canonical process of Deposing a Heretical Pope. Is America still a Christian Nation? And if not, then, what are we? Normally I don't pass on "Honk If You Love Jesus" type emails, especially after being burnt by virus-containing pass-it-on emails. But this one struck a chord.

    The thing about Anti-Nationalism is that America happens to be a Nation. Progressive Communism explains the Republicrat Senate Inaction.