Business of Pleasure.

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Chapter 5. Hannibal checks his watch. He should be done with this client by then.

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If not, well, the hooker can wait. He took a chance this time, paying an exorbitant finder's fee to a seedy gentleman who apparently doesn't seem to care if his employees wind up dead or alive. That part was paid for by a credit card under another name, naturally, but he did have the hooker sent to his home. Therein lays the risk. Hannibal's appetite is whetted already. It's been weeks since he killed, longer since he planned a treat like this. He intends to enjoy tonight to its fullest. Will rings the doorbell and tries not to look too bored. Probably belongs to some rich asshole who wants to fuck around while his wife is out of town for the weekend.

He can do that. He can bend over and touch his toes while getting fucked. He can beg and pretend he's desperate for the client to give it to him. He can lie still and silent underneath someone who just wants a hole to fill. Will can do all that. Doesn't mean he likes it. Sometimes his mouth gets away from him. Sometimes he can't help himself. He knows this job is partly a test. If he fucks it up, Martin won't give him another chance. There's no answer at the door. He was supposed to be here at six on the dot.

Will glances around, half tempted to leave. That would probably get him into more trouble. He decides to give it at least five more minutes. He sits down on the front steps. A long expensive car pulls into the driveway and past him into the garage.


Will gets to his feet, and waits, looking at the garage door as it closes behind the car. It takes a second to register. The guy sure as fuck saw him sitting there on the steps, and went ahead on in leaving him there. He's fucked assholes before. Will shakes it off and presses the doorbell. He might press down a fraction longer and harder than he has to. The door opens and he looks up, brushing his hand over the back of his neck.

The businessman holds the door open. You have a pressing meeting afterwards?

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He makes Will want to say yes , flip him off and go. Instead he grinds his teeth, quickly flattening them out in a non-threatening attempt at a smile, and says, "Nope, I'm all yours.

He leaves Will standing there in the hall as he goes through one of several doors and closes it. Will stares after him, then shrugs. Okay, okay, seriously. What does it matter what the man does as long as he pays up? And doesn't beat the shit out of him, he amends, leaning against the wall.

Alum returns to share research on the business of pleasure | Department of Communication

He's had clients like that. It's not pleasant. This is annoying, but typical really. Hannibal surveys him as he stands in the hallway. This is not what he expected. He had asked for something with no particularly close ties and the man had chuckled rudely. I don't care what you do with him. Hannibal's gaze slides over him now, assessing him.

The Dangerous Business of Pleasure

This is disposable? He would make a delectable fillet, but there's more potential here than merely that. It's half politeness, the young man will want to count it, and half a test. If he makes a run with the money, that's that.

Business or Pleasure–Why Both Can Be a Part of Your Travels

He should break his neck here and now. This is what happens when you decide to leave some parts of the plan to someone else. Normally he rents a car for the night, selects a prostitute, and drives home. There is sex, and then there is death, with Hannibal reaping the benefits of the latter longer after the enjoyment of the former has faded. He undresses with the gangly ease of youth, untying his shoes and slipping out of them. My boss makes us use fake names. He thinks I look like a Danny. The memory of Martin pressing his head down. Not everyone asks. The same study found that Millennials are more likely to merge business with pleasure by extending a business trip into a vacation.

The study observed the habits of Millennials and participants in the age bracket. All the correspondents were from the United States. The study determined that, despite the fact that Millennials can be thrifty when it comes to certain aspects of traveling, on average, they still spend more than their elders.

The most common motivation for leisure travel among Millennials seem to be different special events or adventure trips. Business focused Millennials most frequently travel in order to attend different conferences, seminaries, and other events that can help them with professional development. When it comes to booking trips and making use of different loyalty programs, Millennials seem to be somewhat prone to succumbing to the temptation of instant gratification.

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While this is sometimes dismissed as rashness of youth or impatience, it makes sense when you consider the dynamic lifestyle and overabundance of choice that this generation has been growing up with. Likewise, the mentioned Expedia study found that half of them will consider availability of such programs when deciding on a service provider, while only a third of their seniors will base their choice on this criterion. Airline companies have recognized the potential of the Millennial generation, and have done extensive research on the way they travel. However, those statistics mostly reflect the habits of Millennials who are travelling for business.

Apparently, this generation can be quite discerning and willing to pay extra for convenience or comfort, as long as they are not paying for it out of their own pocket. See next articles. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. Invalid email address. Please re-enter. You must select a newsletter to subscribe to. Sign Up. You will receive emails containing news content , updates and promotions from The New York Times.

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